3D Zine

18 June, 2016 - 12:00
End Time:
Foundation B.a.d

On Saturday 18 June, Foundation B.a.d opens its doors for 3D Zine!

3D Zine is a one-day event that emulates the publication of a magazine by showing live presentations about the diverse fascinations of those working at Foundation B.a.d. Each participant presents their magazine page alongside an accompanying real-life setting somewhere within Foundation B.a.d. Visitors collate their magazine as they browse through the presentations in the building.

24 artists and several guest artists live and work at Foundation B.a.d’s artist-run studio space. They represent a range of artistic visions, content, and visual practices. Their work and research takes on a variety of outcomes, including painting, sculpture, performance, sound, video, education, photography, expanded practice, and works in public space.

B.a.d’s guests and members work with a broad and layered variety of source material and inspirations. For 3D Zine, the foundation’s artists and guests will make presentations, in their studios and around the building, about their individual research, fascinations, and visual ideas.

Activated by these lively presentations, the foundation becomes a 3D publication, whereby each presentation – such as a performance, reading, sound works, video presentation, discussion, or interview – is also represented by a page of an actual magazine that visitors can collect and collate as they explore the building.

During this weekend, there are also many events taking place as part of Charlois Special (http://charloisspeciaal.nl); a 10-day cultural event featuring the wealth of creativity that Charlois has to offer.

Date: 18 June
Time: 12:00 – 19:00
Location: Foundation B.a.d, Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam
Participants: Inge Aanstoot, Marijke Appelman, Karin Arink, Kamali van Bochove, Jan Bokma, Frank Bruggeman, Rachel Carey, Jason Coburn, Marco Douma, Laurien Dumbar, Thijs Ewalts, Tom Gallant, Bora Hong, Aletta de Jong, Jeroen Jongeleen, Arjen van Krieken, Maurice Meewisse, Cengiz Mengüç, Joke Olthaar, Pip Passchier, Adam Patterson, André Pielage, Janine Schrijver, Helmut Smits, Koes Staassen, Niki van Strien, Menno Verhoef, Kamiel Verschuren, Rieneke de Vries, Anique Weve
Graphic design: Cengiz Mengüç

Made possible with thanks to the Mondriaan Foundation's Regeling Bijzondere Projecten

Here is the full programme

Marco Douma
Slowly Evolving… Into Nothingness
A video-work in progress about the movement of humans in time. The accumulated images affect the uniqueness of ‘being’, making it vanish into nothingness.

Janine Schrijver
Seen, Being, Zen
Transforming her studio into an annex for reiki and portraits, Janine Schrijver makes portraits of visitors before and after a reiki session.

Helmut Smits
A wooden ruler where the wood’s growth rings are the unit of measurement.

Laurien Dumbar
Everything a Picture
Meditative slideshow. A series of screenshots taken from Google’s ‘search by image’ pages. Underlying questions: How to create an abstract painting? How do people and animals create their environment? What are the materials and systems used?

Kamiel Verschuren, Laurien Dumbar, Thijs Ewalts, Tom Gallant
Worlds of …/Werelden van … (Public art, Pendrecht, Rotterdam, phases 1 and 2
(2015 – 2018)
The Werelden van ... /Worlds of ... public art project is part of a major renovation of four residential blocks in Pendrecht. The work comprises digitally designed windows for newly made recesses in the facades of the buildings’ public stairwells.

Cengiz Mengüç & Bora Hong
The Colours of Charlois
The Colours of Charlois is a collaboration project between Bora Hong and Cengiz Mengüç. Hosting a speculative future snackbar, we want to react on observations made in Rotterdam Charlois: a multicultural mega-hub of graphic violence, streetfood and export shops where hybrid forms of culture and linguistics breed. An EuroTurkoPolski fusion of food, caught in a series of snacks.

Inge Aanstoot
The Story Bar
Inge Aanstoot’s bar sells coffee, beer and lemonade. However, should you prefer a specialty, then stories, conversations and ideas are the desired currency.

Aletta de Jong
Found Substance
Collected local plant material, raw materials and mineral resources, organised as processed and unprocessed material, to sculpturally highlight an area’s current state and future potential – a swatch of the locality.

Jason Coburn
Lived Forwards, Understood Backwards
Jason Coburn presents two of his several blogs: As Far as the Eye Can See (www.afatec.tumblr.com) and 8trk Radio (www.8trkRadio.com). Lived Forwards, Understood Backwards references Kierkegaard’s famous quote in the reverse timelines of social media and blogging platforms.

Anique Weve
When the World Turns 2016
An installation of photographs by Anique Weve. A poetic quest addressing the given that the Sun rises every day.

Jan Bokma
Small, pinkish sculptures are positioned on two tables. This work questions the relationship between the image of the idealised body and our real, tangible body.

André Pielage
Laws and Practical Objections
André Pielage examines the space according to his wishes and desires.

Rieneke de Vries
Hope Was Brought by the Alien, Confusion and Destruction Too (Thoughts about Colonialism and Love)
Print on plastic, wood, spray
paint. 90 x 80 x 50cm.

Karin Arink, Marijke Appelman, Kamali van Bochove, Pip Passchier
Four in One
Repetitive actions in different places by Marijke Appelman, Karin Arink, Kamali van Bochove and Pip Passchier. Connecting with each other and with the public. Our main questions are: What ‘is’ an artist? What actions make this visible?

Maurice Meewisse
Casting #2
Casting #2 is an integrated aluminum melting furnace dedicated to Homo faber. I stack a big pile of wood with an aluminum core above a mold and light the wood from above. The wooden stack will burn form the inside out and melt the aluminum so it will fall into the mold. Homo faber is a research and development project funded by the CBK Rotterdam.

Frank Bruggeman
Ghetto Palm is the pejorative name for the Chinese tree of heaven, an invasive species that easily colonises disturbed urban areas. This tree certainly feels at home in Charlois.

Rachel Carey
Spring Burn
A short video-film exploring the idea of expansion and growth, as a concept, with the slant of individual want.

Jeroen Jongeleen
Running a 15 kilometer circle
on a 5 meter string, 2015
I run for art.
I work for a living.
Running is hard work.
Last year, I ran a total of
2.700 km.
In some circles, this seems a lot.
In other circles, it doesn’t.

Menno Verhoef

Joke Olthaar
Do we still have the ability to concentrate? Where can we concentrate in this hectic-paced life in which we are increasingly distracted? The cupboard provides a place to concentrate, to separate oneself from the outside world, to focus on the essential. A cupboard’s lack of comfort forces one into the creative process.
Performances at 12:00/12:30, 13:00/13:30 & 14:00/14:30.

Karin Trenkel
Schöne Aussichten
Follow the final production of Schöne Aussichten, an artist book by Karin Trenkel.

Niki van Strien
I’m Not Exactly Sure What Rhizome Means but I Would Like to Know
Niki van Strien seeks dialogue with visitors about identity, art and the future.

Arjen van Krieken
Open studio with screening of the film The Wolfpack

Koes Staassen & Adam Patterson
Cadavre Exquis
We are working on a number of large drawn pictures. Be inspired by different artists and their inspirations.

Stichting B.a.d
Oasism IV – The Guest House: Re-Thinking the Social Space at the Foundation
B.a.d Studio Complex (2016)
Oasism IV aims to re-think the social space at foundation B.a.d’s studio complex subsequent to the building’s renovation; i.e. the spaces between the guest studios and the building’s communal spaces: the private and social
spaces used by B.a.d’s guests.
Lecture at 14:00

3D Zine: Preparation

4 June, 2016 (All day)
Foundation B.a.d

In two weeks, on Saturday 18 June, Foundation B.a.d publishes its pilot issue of 3D Zine: an event that emulates the publication of a magazine by presenting live updates on the diverse fascinations of those working at Foundation B.a.d. Each participant presents their magazine page alongside an accompanying real-life setting somewhere within Foundation B.a.d. Visitors collate their magazine as they browse through the presentations in the building.

On Saturday 4 June, we began preparations for the 3D Zine by sanding and painted our new double skinned presentation wall – all 470 x 1120 cm of it (53 square meters!). Needless to say, we’re really excited about the possibilities our beautiful new wall offers.

We concluded the day with an editorial meeting to finalise plans for the 3D Zine event on Saturday 18 June.

3D Zine is made possible with the generous support of the Mondriaan Fonds

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